About Pam Jones

Are you a coach or consultant looking to double or triple your client sign-up rate?

I help Coaches & Consultants Acquire Quality Leads By Working With Them to Create a Winning 
Lead Generation Strategy
My name is Pam Jones and I work with coaches and consultants to help them acquire warm leads who turn into paying clients.

My experience has been that many businesses struggle to acquire quality leads due to a number of reasons. 

Most lack;

1) a lead generation strategy that works
2) the required tools and systems to create an effective pipeline
3) the time to set up the whole process funnel
4) the ability to create a great lead magnet that attracts the ideal clients

To help coaches/consultants generate leads and grow their income we do the following for our clients:

1) provide coaching
2) work with them to formulate and create lead generation strategy 
3) provide the support needed to implement the strategy

We care for our clients and do all we can to ensure that they achieve their desired results.

However, the fact is that our services are not for everyone, and we are particular whom we work with.

Who Can Work With Us?
To work with us you should;

1) already have an existing business that is providing value
2) be coachable and resouceful
3) be one that takes action 
4) be serious about growing your business and income

If that sounds like you, then click the button below and watch the 
FREE Training  where we reveal the step-by-step process we use to help our clients formulate and create a winning Lead Generation Strategy.
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